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About Us

We love coffee. We also love the idea that coffee can provide trade, not aid, to small crop farmers and co-operatives from around the world. Our company focus is on providing organic, planet-friendly coffee. That’s why we source our beans from companies who import a selection of organic coffee from the finest growing regions of the world. We are also proud supporters of many ethical coffee’s. The result? Our earth wins, since no chemicals are used and, in many cases, the rainforest is used to help grow the coffee and not torn down. This means that the birds and animals who live in the trees don’t lose their habitat or digest poison, so they also win. The farmer wins because we pay more for that planet-friendly bean. You win because you have great tasting, fresh coffee today with no chemicals and surprisingly, it isn’t as expensive as you might think. Your children win, because every step toward a green future preserves their future.

About Coffee

Coffee is a cultural mainstay. It is the last affordable luxury. It is our most social beverage. Whether in the office or at home, at the ball field or a hockey game, with dinner or a doughnut, it is part of our social fabric. Our planet drinks over 18 billion cups of coffee per year. Too few of these cups of coffee are organic but those numbers are on the rise. With such huge numbers of people drinking coffee daily, the impact on our earth is massive, since it takes 1 tree, 1 year to produce 1 pound. Canadians in particular are increasingly more aware of the difference between a caffeine fix and a good cup of joe. Good coffee has all the complexity of great wine for pennies a cup. We never add flavour, colour, or preservatives. We don’t add anything but coffee beans to our coffee. We encourage you to read labels and read between the lines of your favorite coffee. If coffee says organic – it should be 100% organic. If it claims to be ethical – it should be 100% ethical. All our coffee is 100% Arabica, 100% organic, 100% coffee. Absolutely NO fillers or flavour inhancers. This is the prime reason I offer most coffee’s as a single origin. They should all be able to stand alone – no bad coffee in my stable – I won’t even give it away. It is also roasted to order and not sitting in a warehouse going stale or vaccuum sealed with 1 puff of freshness left. We roast your beans within a day or two of your order. There are MANY ethical coffee certifiers out there – and we support the ones we truly believe in – If you don’t see it under our supported logo’s, there’s a reason for it. It isn’t always easy, but we source great programs whenever we can and label it properly. No marketing scam, no playing with numbers or mixing inferior coffees with good coffees to create deceptive “blends”. What do we mean? There are lots of company’s that use the word BLEND to cut their coffee with cheap low grade beans, then they dark roast it, to cover the nasty flavour…. and call it something creative. Our favourite programs don’t play those games – and we don’t either. All of our roasted coffee comes in either 1 lb. or 1/2 lb. bags and our green, non-roasted beans are available in a variety of sizes. Don’t be fooled by the 12 ounce bag that’s full of air, or thick plastic packaging. We also carry a small selection of “off menu” specialty coffees. Specialty coffees are not “commodity coffee”. They don’t need to have certification in order to support the farm. Jamaican, and Hawaiian coffee’s are a good example. If you see someone selling “Fair Trade Kona” have a laugh about it – at near $50 a pound for the fancy grade, it’s doubtful that the farms need baseline supports. Please contact us directly for prices and availability. We have discovered that there are warehouses full of expensive poor quality coffees and warehouses full of appropriately priced exceptional coffees. We don’t just buy what’s available. We buy what tastes wonderful. Whether you have a sensitive pallet and are concerned about the subtle qualities and aromas of coffee – or just know what you like…. we work hard at bringing you the top 20% of quality coffees. Our specialty coffees are in the top 10%.
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