Top 4 reasons to choose Kyoto Coffee for your Fundraiser

  1. With the ever growing popularity of gourmet coffee in recent years what better way to raise funds than with a product most everybody enjoys every day. 
  2. The great thing about coffee is the excellent profit potential. We think schools, teams and institutions could raise substantial amounts with a minimum of effort. We want your fundraiser to be super successful and will help you organize and carry out the entire program. 
  3. Since coffee is used by many people on a daily basis, the potential is high for reorders, making this a fundraiser that continues to raise money long after you stop trying. 
  4. Our coffees are fresh roasted to order – your customers will love the fresh taste and the wonderful aroma when they open the bag.

How to run a successful fundraiser with our coffees:

  1. How much money do you want to raise? Set an objective.
  2. Set a predetermined length of time to run your fundraiser. We recommend not more than 2 weeks. Don’t let it drag on and on.
  3. Offer 3 regular coffees plus one decaf coffee. 2 coffees should be medium roast and 1 coffee a medium dark or dark roast. We can help you with a good selection of coffees to offer. (Our order form allows for more coffees in case you want to offer a wider selection).
  4. We can supply customized order forms printed specifically to your fund raiser (no charge).
  5. Be sure to collect the money at the point of sale. Hand the customer a copy of the order form, marked paid, with expected delivery date. 
  6. All monies, with order form, should be turned in to one or two people who will keep track of all orders and be responsible for all monies collected.
  7. Now that you have the orders, with money in hand, you will know how many bags of each coffee to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

All coffees are whole beans or ground, packed in 1 lb. bags. 

Prices vary depending on the coffees you order and how much you order. 

Your Own Private Label. We provide labels, no charge, describing your fund raising project and thanking the purchaser for their support. We will affix your label on the bags no charge. 

If you have questions or require further information we would love to hear from you! 

KYOTO COFFEE PHONE: (705) 745-7329

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