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Environmentally Friendly Coffee

Gift Baskets, Corporate Thank You Gifts, Organic Hand-Made Chocolate Caramel Apples…Delicious!!

We offer a variety of customized, all-organic coffee gift baskets. Please email or call us for a quote or for specific details. Do you have an impossible person to buy for?  Give a gift they will use, appreciate and LOVE! High-end, all-organic, single-origin coffee roasted within 24 hours of delivery makes a great gift!! Contact: tracy@kyotocoffee.ca


  1. Something they don’t already have
  2. Something they would want, but wouldn’t buy themselves (known as the “perfect” gift!)
  3. Enjoys a great cup of coffee and wants to take it to the next level – “coffee hobbiest”.
  4. Has a husband who likes messin’ about in the garage (Huh??) “Honey, how about roasting some coffee while you’re out there…”, “Sure, dear, why don’t we try the Harar this time…”

Fresh Roast 500™
One of life’s simplest pleasures is the anticipation of waking up each morning to grind your own, freshly roasted coffee beans. Ah, the smell!! And the taste! Simply the best and just the way you like it. What a great way to start the day! Treat the coffee enthusiast on your list to one of our many Fresh Roast™ coffee roasters! Not only will they be able to enjoy drinking coffee, but they will enjoy creating it as well, sharing freshly roasted creations and “special blends” with family and friends – they’ll love you for it! Place the roaster in a basket or gift bag; add a selection of organic, green (unroasted) coffee beans, a nice mug or two, perhaps some organic chocolate or cookies, maybe a small grinder, or a book on coffee… the combinations are endless and the result is the perfect gift made to suit your budget! Kyoto Coffee carries the same great selection of green (unroasted) coffee beans as we do roasted: all organic, single-origin specialty coffees from around the world. We are pleased to recommend a selection to you, below, or you can browse our online selection by clicking on the link for Online Shopping. To LEARN MORE about roasting your own coffee click here.
We Recommend:
  • COLOMBIA ~ Cafe Femenino Organic Free Trade
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA ~ Organic Free Trade 
  • El Salvador ~ Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center , Organic
SHOP FOR GREEN COFFEE BEANS AND FRESHROAST 500 ™ COFFEE ROASTER *Shipping available To contact us for assistance call (705) 745-7329 or email tracy@kyotocoffee.ca
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